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Luxury car PR chick...craves an old 356..loves photography, cooking and travel...sunsets, yoga, nature hikes and a really great drive enhance my day...

When a ‘bowtie’ means much more than a dress code…

When 80-year-old Jim Collier was just 16, he was given a ’36 Ford — and that was the last Ford he ever owned.  He prides himself as a Chevy man, and not a casual one by any stretch. His desire … Continue reading

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The “Little 356 Engine that Could” in a Field of 911s

Sometimes the very best trips happen, when you have no idea where you’re going… My friend Lily is an adventure seeker… she’s been a fire fighter, a paramedic, a nurse — heck — she’s even skydived! And when it comes … Continue reading

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Why I care…

Having been in the car industry for several decades — blending cars and camaraderie has always been something of second nature – but when I lost my Mom to Parkinson’s in 2006, I realized there were meaningful ways to share … Continue reading

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Pura Vida! Journey for a Fresh Start….

Anyone who believes in numerology, might just concur that April 15th was the perfect date for me. Or at least a date that would always hold some significance. Sadly, in 1984, it was the day my best friend was taken … Continue reading

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52 things I learned in 52 hours….

Having a weekend away with “the girls” can be a very eye opening experience. Yes, it’s a given there’ll be chatty conversations, wine tasting (depending on your locale), and even a nostalgic trip down memory lane reminiscent of the 20 … Continue reading

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We will remember…

Tonight I took a yoga class… and instead of leaving feeling relaxed and refreshed and rejuvenated, I felt despondent and depressed and disillusioned…feeling the weight of the world on shoulders that shook, yet persevered to be strong in the moment. … Continue reading

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Reflections on Maggie Thatcher and Other Women Pioneers

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I once had a drink with Margaret Thatcher… well maybe not completely with each other, but in the same bar and about 10 feet apart — I was near the fireplace and she was on the…

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