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I’m all about simple.  Whether its relating to people, to smart phone technology, or even to my life in general, simple is what typically works best.

In writing, if the reader can visualize what you’ve written, it’s pretty simple. That’s why I love photography too — it tells an often complex tale in a very simple format, and yet, it’s a wonderful emotional tool.

For me, this blog is pretty simple. I look at it as a journal of sorts — a way to showcase my passions, the opportunities I’ve gained over the years, the relationships I’ve held and my journey through the world…whether it be shown through people I’ve met, or those I wish I had, and the travels inspired along the way.

I thought long and hard about wanting to start a blog — and not wanting to feel committed to daily ramblings — so what you’ll find are occasional thoughts, some meaningful nostalgia, and a way to show what means something to me.

Simply put — My passions. My dreams. My world.

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