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Luxury car PR chick...craves an old 356..loves photography, cooking and travel...sunsets, yoga, nature hikes and a really great drive enhance my day...

Mystical Learnings and Other Justifications…

I just had a flashback from nearly seven years ago – of a memory that’s been tucked away, but today became prominent when my son and I reminisced about life altering experiences, and this particular one came to mind. In … Continue reading

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We vs Me…

A good friend of mine let me in on a little secret about “me,” – he said, and I quote, “you’ve always been a ‘we’ person, don’t you think it’s time to start being a ‘me’ person?” Though his question … Continue reading

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An Unbroken Spirit while Driving Toward a Cure

Yes, it truly “takes a village…” and for this year’s 2012 Danville d’Elegance weekend of charity events, our little village grew from the mere historic old town of Danville, to one of global interaction and connectivity. You see our success … Continue reading


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Reflections on Maggie Thatcher and Other Women Pioneers

I once had a drink with Margaret Thatcher… well maybe not completely with each other, but in the same bar and about 10 feet apart — I was near the fireplace and she was on the corner couch. It was … Continue reading

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